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We believe everyone has the power to heal themselves, and that begins with mindful practices including stress management and healthy eating. AURA Therapeutics offers the first Dr. formulated functional beverages containing kratom for a balanced life.

Dr. Michele Ross Founder of AURA Therapeutics

Dr. Michele Ross

Michele Ross, PhD is a five-time author and world renowned neuroscientist who specializes in helping patients use plant medicine to heal their physical and emotional pain. She is the founder of drmicheleross.com, a leading source of courses and solutions for using CBD, cannabis, kratom, and mushrooms for better health.

Dr.  Ross’ groundbreaking books, including CBD Oil For HealthVitamin Weed: A 4-Step Plan to Prevent and Reverse Endocannabinoid DeficiencyTrain Your Brain To Get Thin, and Journal Yourself To Health have been translated into multiple languages. She has been featured on The Doctors, The Ricki Lake Show, The Today Show, and many other TV and radio shows.

Dr. Ross has formulated numerous supplements for well-known celebrity wellness and CBD brands, and is excited to finally launch her own line through AURA Therapeutics.

Fun fact: Dr. Ross was the first scientist to star on a reality television show in the world, breaking boundaries on the hit CBS reality tv show Big Brother 11 in 2009 under her maiden name Michele Noonan.

From Neuroscientist To Patient

In 2013 Dr. Ross’s health started to downward spiral, with sudden bouts of muscle weakness, tremors, fatigue, headaches, severe nausea. After numerous ER visits and no one being able to give her a diagnosis, the mysterious cause of medical problems emerged.

Her Los Angeles apartment was discovered to be covered in black mold and multiple earthquakes had released lead paint all over, causing her to have heavy metal poisoning. She became wheelchair-bound, and barely survived multiple pulmonary embolisms (lung blood clots) that should have killed her over Christmas. The hospital called Dr. Ross their “Christmas miracle.”

Dr. Ross began a long recovery process, including being on an oxygen tank, using a walker, and detoxing from heavy metals and black mold. She was diagnosed in 2014 with several chronic illnesses, including fibromyalgia, and struggled with prescription medications like Lyrica or morphine that marginally worked but had horrible side effects like sleepiness, insane weight gain, and addiction.

Her doctors told her to give up on going back to work as a scientist, and apply for disability. They wanted her to accept chronic illness and her new homebound life. She refused and sought out alternative treatments to help her build strength, reduce pain, boost energy, and increase her cognitive abilities.

Sadly, natural alternatives barely worked as well or had their own set of unwanted side effects that made it difficult balancing her disease with working full-time and traveling around the world. Sorry, no amount of vitamin D or Ashwagandha is going to cure fibromyalgia.

CBD oil helped reduce inflammation and pain slightly, but was really equivalent to a Tylenol at best but was much more expensive for the level of pain she dealt with. Smoking cannabis always made her dizzy and sleepy, or worse, anxious and hyper-focused on her pain. Edibles worked for sleep, but were illegal for her to travel with in many states and countries. 

There Had To Be A Better Way

Dr. Ross was introduced to kratom by a friend, but was concerned about the safety especially since it was an odd green powder in a Ziploc “baggie” that she didn’t really know anything about.

She was told to buy a capsule machine and put the powder in capsules to swallow, which was a messy process that took hours she didn’t have, and half the capsules broke in the process. Other ways to use kratom include putting the powder in a tissue and swallowing it with a drink, aka the “toss and wash” method of consuming kratom.

What? That’s disgusting!

Some people put their kratom in coffee while others put their in hot water and drank it as a tea. No matter how many times she tried, coffee and plain kratom was nasty and she couldn’t force herself to drink it. Kratom tea was like drinking grass juice with pulp in it. Utterly disgusting.

When Dr. Ross was able to use kratom capsules or tolerate drinking kratom, she found it was the only thing that worked for her severe fibromyalgia flares. Depending on the kratom strain she used, she either floated off to a solid 8 hours of quality sleep, or got a burst of energy so she could clean the house pain-free or focus on writing deadline.

great tasting kratom teas by aura therapeutics

How AURA Was Born

After months of experimenting with different kratom strains and ingredients, Dr. Ross stumbled upon a mood-boosting tea blend that was both delicious and effective for improving her quality of life with chronic illness. That horrible kratom taste was not only masked, but this “entourage effect” of ingredients appeared to potentiate the healing benefits of kratom.

She couldn’t keep this secret to herself. Dr. Ross was ready to share her cup of AURA with the world! ☕

Dr. Ross wanted to smash the stigma of kratom and make women more at ease buying and using it. No more buying baggies of kratom from sketchy looking websites run by muscle heads or used car salesman.

AURA is the first Dr. formulated functional beverage with kratom. It’s made with lab-tested kratom and the highest quality ingredients, so you can feel safe purchasing from us. This year, we all could use a way to better handle stress and improve our well-being. Many people find a cup of AURA to be a relaxing and safer alternative to alcohol.

We believe in the healing power of radical self-care, which includes using plant medicine for balance. Remember to fill your cup first.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

AURA Therapeutics Dr. formulated kratom teas